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About Our Farm

About Sunbow CSA in Eau Claire

     Established in 2003, Sunbow has been serving the Chippewa Valley with fresh, sustainably grown fruits, vegetables and herbs for a decade! Our fruit and vegetable CSA is the heart and soul of our operation as it has been since our inception.   We grow over 70 different varieties of fruits and vegetables and thanks to our seven large high tunnels are able to harvest produce starting in early May and extending all the way into November.   Our farm strives to create an environment where all organisms thrive.  To this end, we follow all of the guidelines and rules outlined by the National Organic Program for certified organic production.

     As we have grown, we have added chickens, sheep and medicinal herbs to the farm.  Our chickens thrive on certified organic feed while roaming the farm in search of delicious greens and bugs.  Our lambs (and their moms!) spend their summers munching on our certified organic pastures. Throughout the year, they are 100% grass-fed unless the temperatures drop below 10 degrees at which time we augment their hay with certified organic whole oats. 

     In 2010 we began cultivation and wildharvesting of over 50 different medicinal herbs on the farm.  Grown and raised with care, these certified organic herbs are harvested and dried on-site in our state-licensed commercial kitchen.  We sell these herbs in bulk as well as assemble over fifty different medicinal herb products that are available in stores throughout western WI and through our Internet store. 

We are so grateful for all our farm members and everyone who has supported our farm over the last decade.   Thank you!  We look forward to serving you into the future!


Kristina Beuning, Owner, Sunbow Farm, Eau Claire, WI   Kristina


Kristina has owned and operated Sunbow Farm as an organic fruit and vegetable farm since 2003.  Her passion for plants blossomed in graduate school where she obtained a M.S. in teaching biology and a Ph.D. in plant ecology.  Although whenever possible Kristina had cultivated a small garden, when she started Sunbow she had no background in ‘farming’.  She has learned and continues to learn by doing and is always eager to share what she has learned with others.  As an ecologist, Kristina strives to create an environment in which all organisms of the farm ecosystem can thrive, from the tiniest, but vitally important, bacteria to the insects which pollinate the food crops, to the chickens and sheep, which through their manure recycle vital nutrients to begin the cycle again.  As a farmer, her primary objective is to reconnect the people of her community with the land that provides them with this most basic of resources needed for human survival – food.