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Kale Salad with Nuts and Berries

1 T. olive oil

1/2 t. lemon zest

1 1/2 t. fresh lemon juice

1/4 t. salt

1/4 t. black pepper

2 c. torn, stemmed kale

1/2 c. half-moon cucumber slices

1/2 c. fresh raspberries

1/2 c. fresh strawberries

1/2 yellow bell pepper, thinly sliced

1/4 c. coarsely chopped unsalted roasted almonds


Whisk together olive oil, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt and black pepper in a medium bowl.  Add kale, and massage gently until kale is lightly wilted.  Add cucumber, berries and bell pepper; toss well to coat.  Top with almonds. 



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