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Matt Klein (Intern)

Matt has been a CSA member for several years. He has enjoyed the experience so much he couldn't pass up the opportunity to work here while returning to school. This is his second year growing delicious food and eating maybe too much kohlrabi.

Lauren Milkie (Apprentice)

Lauren has a big ol’ heart for the outdoors. With an interest in learning more about sustainable practices and farming, she was led to Sunbow. She is here for the season to grow and hustle on the farm. She currently lives in Eau Claire WI with her tabby cat, Micah and her fiance, Kyle.

Tori Johnson (Apprentice)

I first worked on a farm in 2015, and through that experience I learned to love & appreciate all that goes into getting food from seed to table. Since then I’ve learned to cook with veggies and herbs, and found a joy in sharing food with others. I have lived in Eau Claire for 1.5 years and am excited for the opportunity to help grow food for the local community! 

Judy Behrens (Herbalist (Consultant))

Judy lived in Eau Claire, WI. for over fifteen years where she first learned about the wonderful value of herbs for food and medicine. With the objective being to make Herbs her life's work Judy embarked on an intensified range of educational study, both at home, in the classroom and in the field. Judy is qualified to instruct in basic Herbalism and is an active member of the American Herbalist Guild. Judy's respect for the earth is a foundation stone of her beliefs, and she always treats the earth as a dear friend, never violating it in a quest for profit. She uses mainly local plants, and always strives to give back more to Mother Earth than she takes from it. While local plants are her main focus she is more than willing to use plants from another area to assure the best overall results. Judy's approach to the use of Herbs is to blend a folk and indigenous perspective of Herbcraft. She aims to bring the benefits of Herbs and Herbal medicine to the greatest number of people through a synthesis of old and new ideas.  She currently resides in Olympia, WA and serves as a consultant when we have questions!