Chemical-free, truly fresh produce from our farm to your door

Welcome to the longest running CSA in the Chippewa Valley!

Our experience speaks for itself! Join our farm today and see why people keep coming back year after year!

What makes Sunbow CSA different from other CSAs in the Chippewa Valley?

  • Our length – 25-26 weeks(!) . No one else comes close. Want fresh lettuce in May AND October…join Sunbow.        
  • Our diversity….75 different vegetable AND fruit crops! Many CSAs have plenty of vegetables, but we also have, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, melons….and more!       
  • Our flexibility! We are the only CSA in the Chippewa Valley that is customizable. This means that we choose half of what goes in your box each week and YOU choose the other half. Want 5 different items – great! Want 5 of your favorite one item – equally great!       
  • Our commitment to you! We’ve been doing this for 12 years. We know how to grow great food. We also know it is a huge commitment on your part to use all the food you receive from us. We recognize folks need a break to take vacations during the summer and don’t want to waste their food! As a result, we offer a store credit for one week vacation each summer!

Click here to see video of what we are all about at Sunbow!

We are currently accepting new members for 2015! 

Click on the "Sunbow CSA" tab above and select "Join our Farm"!  

We look forward to meeting you this Spring!


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